What are the Health and Safety risks of golf?

The  Health and Safety and Risk Assessments for your Golfing premises, can seem somewhat complex. This need not be the case, we have a host of documents in relation to Golf Safety Risks at  https://www.golfsafety.co.uk  that you can utilise in order to identify the following:

  • What is a risk?  (The chance of somebody being harmed by a hazard)
  • Risk of Accidents (What could happen and who may be harmed)
  • Controlling the risks  (how to stay in control and mitigate the risks to make your club activities safer)

We have a suite of documents to support Golf Course Managers and Greenkeepers to be HSE compliant.

Why not get started with our FREE  online Risk Assessment RA088 – Use of Ride on Top Dressers at https://www.golfsafety.co.uk/product/ra088-use-of-ride-on-top-dressers/

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Useful Links:

Golf Club Managers Association: https://www.gcma.org.uk/

British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association: https://www.bigga.org.uk/


Golf, while generally considered a low-impact sport, still carries certain health and safety risks. These include potential injuries from poor swing mechanics, such as strains and sprains. Overuse injuries, such as golfer’s elbow and wrist strains, can also occur due to repetitive motions. Slip and fall accidents on uneven terrain or wet surfaces pose a risk, as well as the danger of being struck by golf balls or clubs. Additionally, prolonged sun exposure without proper protection can lead to sunburn and heat-related illnesses. Understanding these risks and implementing appropriate safety measures is crucial for a safe and enjoyable golfing experience.