Some may say that golf isn’t a dangerous game, however, it’s worse than what people really think, in fact, Flying golf balls can be a severe hazard — up to 40,000 people a year seek medical attention for injuries caused by golf ball impact. Golf course injuries caused by balls are even more common than injuries on the football field.

Also, in addition to the golf balls, Golf is often thought of as a low-impact sport, but it can be associated with several musculoskeletal injuries due to its repetitive nature. One of the most common complaints reported by golfers is low back pain. Reported rates vary from 26% to 52% of golfers have experienced some type of back pain. One of the main causes to this issue is simple, not enough exercise before starting a session of golf, experts suggests that you should have at least 10-20 minutes of warming up before heading in to an actual session golf. One survey also showed that 80% of golfers spent less than 10 minutes warming up before games. However, As exercise is one of the best factors to sustaining a lower back injury, your posture can also be vital to avoiding injury when playing golf, if your posture isn’t right when hitting the ball you may strain your back keep on doing the same posture over and over again.

Another pretty unknown common danger are also found to be Golf Buggy Accidents, As some golf carts reach speeds of 19 miles per hour, more than fast enough to cause serious injury in an impact or when an occupant is thrown from the cart—the most common reason for an injury, accounting for nearly 40% of the 15,000 or more serious golf cart crash injuries believed to occur each year, This is why you MUST have a driving licence to drive one and must be sensible as you are putting others in serious danger if you are not abiding by the law.

The most common golf injuries are: back pain; elbow tendinitis; rotator cuff or shoulder pain; knee pain and wrist injuries. They are generally caused by overuse of the muscles and repeated movements or occasionally by trauma. Another common minor injury that most golfers face are blisters, these occur after holding the golf club for a long period of time, or golfing for hours. These ‘minor injuries’ can easily be avoided through wearing a golf glove, as it can provide a little protection for your hand, provide you with more grip and give you more confident golfing in wetter conditions.


When it comes to golf, you should always expect the unexpected as there have been multiple events in the past where golfers have unfortunately lost their lives due to unpredictable circumstances such as being struck by lighting on the Golf Course.

and it’s actually more common than what you wold expect, The probability of getting struck by a lightning (generally speaking) is 1 in 600,000. The fatalities for people struck by a lightning in a golf course is about 4% of all fatalities produce by lightning which may not seem very common but in reality for golf it is a very dangerous game when going out to play golf when its raining in poor conditions. The reasons you may be subject to a lighting strike; The metal parts of the clubs and umbrella can attract the lightning’s electrical current and redirect it right through your body and as most of you know, if the weather decides to turn, look for shelter as soon as possible, do not go in the golf buggy as that will not protect you from the lightning! you MUST stay as far way from trees as practically possible as lightning tends to hit tall objects, trees are likely targets for those lightning strikes.

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