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Welcome to our newly launched website dedicated to Golf Health and Safety Documents. Here, you will find a comprehensive collection of resources and documents specifically curated to promote safety and well-being on the golf course.

Golf, like any sport, presents inherent risks that golfers and course operators must be aware of and address. Our website aims to be a valuable source of information, offering a wide range of documents designed to enhance safety practices and prevent injuries in the golfing community.

Our collection includes guidelines on swing mechanics to minimize the risk of strains and sprains, information on overuse injuries and prevention strategies, and best practices for managing slip and fall hazards on the course. We also provide documents focused on safety protocols for handling golf equipment, including proper storage and maintenance.

Additionally, our website covers essential safety measures to protect golfers from potential hazards such as being struck by golf balls or clubs. We offer guidance on establishing and implementing safety policies and procedures for course management and staff.

Moreover, we recognize the importance of sun protection and heat safety. Our documents provide guidance on sun exposure prevention, including recommendations for appropriate clothing, sunscreen application, and hydration strategies to mitigate the risks of sunburn and heat-related illnesses.

At Golf Health and Safety Documents, we are committed to promoting a safe and enjoyable golfing experience for all. Our website serves as a valuable resource, offering a wide array of documents that can be easily accessed and utilized to enhance safety practices on and off the golf course.

Please explore our website to access the wealth of information available and feel free to reach out to us with any specific queries or document requests. Together, let’s prioritize safety and well-being in the world of golf.

1st March 2021. Not only is it St. David’s Day in Wales, but our new website is now live.

What makes us unique is that you don’t have to pay an annual contract with us, you just pay for the document you need. Simple as that!

We do have an annual membership option for 50% off all documents for a whole year, but it’s an option which you don’t have to take.

We have documents for all aspects of a Golf Club Health and Safety requirements, including the Kitchen and any Building Works.

Have a look, and see what we have. If there is anything that you need that’s not on the website, then please contact us and we can see what we can do.


Glyn Hughes – Technical Director (Golf Safety – Eclipse Management Systems Limited)

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