Most of the time, a golf course is overlooked until an accident happens on the course. Maintaining a golf course should be a priority when it comes to Health & Safety and protecting the golfers, workers and also the public. Most of the time, a golf course is great place to meet up with friends and have fun whilst playing golf.  However, On the rare occasion someone might be seriously injured. These injuries can range from lighting strikes to a simple slip or trip on the course. whatever the injury may be, there still needs to be precaution in place to ensure the risk of injury is decreased or eliminated.

Some simple steps to avoid Injury

  • Before you play golf, do some simple stretching exercises, focusing on your shoulders, back, and legs. Then hit a few golf balls on the driving range, starting with your wedges and progressing up the bag to full swings with the driver. It will not only help your game, but will help prevent injury in the long run.
  • Before taking a golf shot, whether in the practice room, driving range, or golf course, it is your responsibility to ensure that your teammates are at a safe distance from you.

  • Many golfers step into the golf club path without knowing where they are. It’s a good idea to take a quick look before practicing your swing. This means that you also need to stay away from others trying to swing.

  • Drink plenty of water and take a break to prevent injury.

  • Be careful when driving a golf cart and ensure that only licensed drivers can drive the golf cart.

  • The chance of lightning strikes is higher than average for golfers who play in open places, use metal rods, and are frequently near trees. Always check the weather forecast to make sure there are no storms. In the event of a sudden storm, you will need to return to your clubhouse or designated lightning shelter. You can also move away from trees, golf carts, etc. to make smaller targets.

  • Written plans which could possibly help in avoiding injury Safety Policy Statement , Fire Plan, Hazard Communication Plan and also a PPE Assessment
  • Always be aware of your environment and other players on the course. It is possible to sustain a soft-tissue injury by being hit by a golf ball.
  • Protect your skin by using sunscreen. Wear sunglasses to filter out UVA and UVB rays, and wear a hat with a visor to shade your eyes and face in Hot weather

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