Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is designed to safeguard your workers in any environment that may pose risks to their health and safety. Our comprehensive collection of PPE related documents will assist your business in making the correct and safe choices for your employees to better protect their safety on their given tasks.

This General Greenkeepers PPE Assessment is thoroughly designed to ensure that the PPE issued to the worker is bespoke to them, this ensures that they are given the correct equipment to best maximise the safety that that equipment can offer them individually. An employee being issues incorrect PPE (an example of incorrect PPE would a loose-fitting hard hat) will not receive the best possible protection from that equipment and may in some cases cause more damage. Loose fitting PPE may have loose straps that could get trapped in machinery and PPE that is too tight may be very uncomfortable to the user, and this would discourage their use of the equipment.

Note: this General Greenkeepers PPE Assessment will not provide insights into what specific jobs that each piece of personal protective equipment would be best suited for. In order to understand this, your organisation should have meticulous and extensive risk assessments on each operation that your business may undertake. On our site we have readily available Risk Assessment Documents that will guide you through which tasks require Personal Protective equipment.

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Gain a competitive edge by proactively identifying and mitigating risks before they impact your business growth, operational efficiency, and reputation.

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