The training of your staff is a factor that plays heavily on the overall success of your business. Staff, having received the proper training can conduct their work in a more efficient and safe manner, leading to fewer incidents that can disrupt your operations causing a potential slowing or halt in your revenue generation. Whichever training method you decide is best for your business employees, it is important that you can track and evaluate the performance of the candidates as well as the courses themselves to evaluate their effectiveness. This where our training and awareness forms come in. These forms will assist your business in the monitoring of your staff training.

This Competence & Awareness process will help you do just that. Ensuring that this Competence & Awareness process is implemented quickly and updated regularly will ease the whole process of monitoring and evaluating the training that you provide your staff. Ensuring that staff training is monitored electronically or on paper is a great way to protect your business from human error related mistakes.

Gain a competitive advantage by investing in your staff and ensuring that you consistently demonstrate to the public your commitment to maintain a safe, healthy, and productive environment within your business.

For a solution to staff training that impacts you production time the least we suggest the online training method. Online training is a flexible, efficient, and effective method of training meaning the candidate can progress through the modules at their own pace and in their own time, so they can fit the training in around their work and personal lives. We have online training that you may find useful to your operations available to you, this includes training for your office staff, your greenkeepers, and for any staff you may have working in kitchens or hospitality.


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