Customer Service – Online Training

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This course will start by making it very clear exactly what we mean by customer service, and why it’s so vital and then go into detail about some of the ways you can improve the customer service provided by your organisation.

CPD Units: 2
Approved By: CPD
Duration: 75 mins*

*Note: Course Duration is based on the amount of video content shown and is rounded off. It does not account in any way for loading time or thinking time on the questions.


The training of your staff is a factor that plays heavily on the overall success of your business. Staff, having received the proper training can conduct their work in a more efficient and safe manner, leading to fewer incidents that can disrupt your operations causing a potential slowing or halt in your revenue generation. Online training is a flexible, efficient, and effective method of training meaning the candidate can progress through the modules at their own pace and in their own time, so they can fit the training in around their work and personal lives.

In your industry it is of incredible importance to you that your guests are well looked after. Ensuring that your employees have received the proper training will empower your business to meet the needs of its customers and ensure that their time spent with you was a simple and enjoyable experience. Providing your guests with excellent customer service will lead to greater customer satisfaction and increase customer retention. This customer service online training course will cover what is meant by the term customer service, and why it is so vital, so that your employees can gain an understanding of why it is so important to you and your business.

There are a total of 9 modules on this customer service online training course that will cover:

  • What is customer service?
  • The goal of understanding customer service.
  • Discovering and understanding customer needs.
  • Delivering maximum levels of customer service.
  • Making customers feel great from the start.
  • Communication skills.
  • Non-verbal communication and body language.
  • Dealing with customer complaints.

Gain a competitive advantage by investing in your staff and ensuring that you consistently demonstrate to the public your commitment to maintain a safe and healthy environment within your business.

This course is approved by CPD meaning this course has met the rigorous standards set by this leading body.


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