When entering a golf course you may be excited to take that first Swing with your brand new golf club, or have a quick session of golfing with your friends however it is also important that you take in to account the safety of yourself and others. On a Golf Course there are many Risks that you should be aware of in order to stay safe.

Ensure that you warm up before going on the Golf Course as you can avoid Muscle Strains & Pains

When Playing Golf and walking from Hole A to B, it is important that you walk on the designated pathways for walkers. Avoid walking in close proximity to greens, tee boxes, and along the fairways, as these areas have an increases in the chances of risk with getting hit by a oncoming Golf Ball.

Always Check the weather forecast before making your way to the Golf Course as bad weather could lead to bad scenarios. As the golf clubs are made of metal, it has an increased chance of a lighting Strike hitting it, if you hear lighting when on a golf course you MUST stop playing as soon as possible and seek shelter. Do Not seek shelter in the Golf Buggy. Do not lie on the ground. Find shelter straight away from Trees and Metal Objects.

Drink Enough water between your session to stay hydrated

Ensure that Only Licensed Drivers are allowed to use the Golf Cart to avoid possible Crashes or any Accidents happening on the course

Stay a Safe distance behind the Golfer in front to avoid any injuries regarding their swing, as the Golf Club is metal, it could possibly have serious consequences & Injuries

Use a golf glove (or two) to keep the golf club from slipping and to prevent blisters (This could also help having more grip on the Club) Wear golf shoes to prevent slipping. Get a pair of shoes with plastic spikes, as most courses don’t allow metal spikes.

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